Aside from being psychology students in our department, many students are also members of the psychology international honor society, Psi Chi.

Our Presenters (from top to bottom):


Sara Chapman and Marissa Salazar: "Opting Out or Pushed Out? Factors Predicting Women's Flight from STEM."



Amy Arambulo: "Social and Scientific Climate Predict STEM Major's degree  of Identity Integration."



Erika Estrada: "A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Women in Engineering: Examining Intelligence Theories and Agency."



Gabriella Vargas: "Nonverbal Communication: Understanding Rejection and Acceptance in High and Low Intimacy Condition."



Valen Cheung: "Emotional Salience and the Von Restorff Effect."



Curtis Thompson: "What is the Effect of Divided Attention on Emotional Materials in the Directed Forgetting Program."