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April 13, 2012

Department of Psychology and Sociology

The Department of Psychology and Sociology's 3rd Undergraduate Symposia was a wonderful event this year. Held on a warm spring day on April 20, 2012, the two symposium had 7 psychology student presenters as well as 8 sociology student presenters in their respectively assigned rooms, rooms that welcomed attendees on a walk-in basis.

Each speech presenter had the floor for 15 minutes and 5 minutes were allocated following the talk for questions from the audience. There were also excellent poster presentations where a total of 38 students worked on five different posters to present the outcomes of their studies. Poster presenters were all psychology students. Overall, the day was one of knowledge acquisition and knowledge dissemination. There were over 45 audience members as well.

All students, whether presenters or poster presenters, were mentored by faculty from within and without our department. This year the participating faculty mentors were Dr. Alvarado, Dr. Casad, Dr. Englert, Dr. Fong, Dr. Horner (our keynote speaker), Dr. Jawaharlal (from the Mechanical Engineering Department), Dr. Narayan, Dr. Ocampo, Dr. Thomas, and Dr. Von Glahn.

Our department chair, Dr. Horner, began the symposium by invoking a passage from his mentor, Dr. J.C. Craig, that very much enhanced the energy percolating at the event's outset: "For awhile, you [or the group] are the only ones on the planet who knows this particular piece of information." After inspiring attendees with this wisdom, students, moderators, and presenters quickly found their stations and the symposium was underway...

Our gratitude goes out to all aforementioned faculty members, our department staff Leticia Keenan, Diane Slusser, and Jenny Huyler, along with the catering staff which delivered our lunch. Most importantly, we are indebted to our excellent students listed on the right sidebar. Their intellect, professionalism, and curiosity are what propel and nourish events such as this. We are thoroughly impressed by their efforts and commitment.

In the following pages, speech presenters' photographs will be displayed along with the titles of their talks. Photographs of our luncheon area where poster presenters were stationed are also included.

Claude Theberge's The Celebration

Psychology Presenters:

Amy Arambulo
Sara Chapman
Valen Cheung
Erika Estrada
Marissa Salazar
Curtis Thompson
Gabriella Vargas

Sociology Presenters:

Walter Hsu
Shai Maor
Aida Pelayo
Steven Tran
Anneliese Trujillo
Joanna Williams
Giselle Zayer
Alejandro Zermeno

Posters Presenters:

Hovsep Agop
Nikki Ancona
Amy Arambulo
Alyssa Avila-Dillon
Vanessa Bennett
Robin Blauvelt
Sara Chapman
Tanya Chavez
Rianne Connor
Dai Xi Cui
Erica Decker
Erika Estrada
Abdiel Flores
Jaqueline Freyre
Christopher Galindo
Yesenia Galvez
David Greenberg
Casey La Honta
Melody LeBaron
Karen Lee
Marilyn Martinez
Ying Moua
Kassandra Palmas
Dana Peralta
Marissa Pinon
Deanna Prall
Francisco Reinosa
Christopher Rios
Marissa Salazar
Maya Smith
Anthony Tchen
Desiree Thomas
Jason Tsai
Gabriella Vargas
Rachelle Webb
Miriam Zavala

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