Aside from being sociology students in our department, many students are also members of the sociology's international honor society, Alpha Kappa Delta.


Our Presenters (from top to bottom):

Aida Pelayo: "The Critical School: Marcuse and Technology in Shaping Youth Behavior." 

Alejandro Zermeno: "Oppression, Inequality and Mexican American Identity."

Anneliese Trujillo: "Prostitution in the 21st Century." 

Giselle Zayer and Steve Tran: "Female Gang Members: Characteristics and Violence." 

Joanna Williams: "Racial and Ethnic Identity: A Socially
Constructed Formation."

Shai Maor: "Cockiness Versus Shyness: An Understanding and Perspective on the Battle Within Us." 

Walter Hsu: "Power Structures in the Chinese Sport Culture."