Halfway through the symposium, poster presentations took place in the luncheon area. Faculty members and students interacted with their poster presenters. There were five poster presentations:

1) Maya Smith, Christopher Galindo, David Greenberg, and Ysenia Galvez: "Internet Social Networking: Does a Gender Digital Divide Exist?"

2) Abdiel Flores, Rianne Connor, Erica Decker, Melody LeBaron, and Hovsep Agop: "The Detrimental Effects of Stereotype Threat Among Low-Income Students."

3) Dai Xi Cui, Erica Decker, Kassandra Palmas, Marissa Pinon, Christoper Rios, Desiree Thomas, and Gabriella M. Vargas: "Nonverbal Behavior Elicited by Swearing During a Cold Pressor Task."

4) Ying Moua, Casey La Honta, Karen Lee, Francisco Reinosa, Jason Tsai, Vanessa Bennett, Marilyn Martinez, and Anthony Tchen: "Effectiveness of a Guided Discovery Program in Promoting STEM Education."

5) Abdiel Flores, Marissa Salzar, Erika Estrada, Tanya Chavez, Amy Arambulo, Sara Chapman, Rachelle L. Webb, Deanna Prall, Dana Peralta, Robin Blauvelt, Nikki Ancona, Alyssa Avila-Dillon, Jaqueline Freyre, Miriam Zavala: "Legitimizing the Status Quo: Implications for Women’s Behavioral Intentions in STEM."